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Every Spring, I eagerly await blooms from my Trichocereus Hybrid. I’m happy even if I only get to photograph one of its spectacular blooms so this year when I saw there were 10 big fat buds and more to come, I was ecstatic!

Trichocereus Hybrid
Trichocereus Hybrid

Because I knew the Javelina would be excited about it too, I’ve been spraying a repellent on and around the cactus that’s “supposed” to keep them away. I always thought it worked pretty well but it obviously didn’t this time because here’s what I found yesterday morning 🙁
Trichocereus Hybrid minus buds
Trichocereus Hybrid minus buds

It's all over but the crying
It's all over but the crying

I still have hope for a few blooms so all is not lost and next year, the Javs will find boulders in their path 🙂

sign of history

Today I finally saw something I’d head stories about since I started hiking in the Preserve.
The story was about a cactus that had grown through a glass jar.
So how did it happen? Back in the old west days, cowboys would set jars and cans out for target practice
and this cactus obviously grew up and through the neck of a broken jar. Pretty cool!
We saw remnants many old glass jars in different colors and lots of tin cans.