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agua fria national monument video

As promised, here’s a video from Sunday’s day trip across Perry Mesa.

Agua Fria National Monument Day Trip Correction: Mining dates should read 1882 not 32


Video Tech Info: Not aware of the consequences, I made the mistake of capturing video of our day trip in High Definition (Canon SX1). Even with endless editing/cutting yesterday, the smallest acceptable movie was still over 9 gigabytes. (YouTube only allows 2GB). Trail/error and googling and asking for help (thanks Michael), I finally got it down to a manageable size. Any jerkiness or abrupt transitions are my fault….the result of my drastic editing trying to reduce the file. I’m going to master this yet!

sign of history

Today I finally saw something I’d head stories about since I started hiking in the Preserve.
The story was about a cactus that had grown through a glass jar.
So how did it happen? Back in the old west days, cowboys would set jars and cans out for target practice
and this cactus obviously grew up and through the neck of a broken jar. Pretty cool!
We saw remnants many old glass jars in different colors and lots of tin cans.