new blog face

You’ve probably noticed that my blog has a new look. The image on top will change
each time you refresh the page. You’ll ultimately see 3 different panoramas. Two are of
the McDowell Mountains. (I live 1/3 over from the left). The bluish one is the Superstitions.
Each panorama is made up of 7-10 vertical images. I combined them with Photoshop.

2 thoughts on “new blog face”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, Jim. I love it so I’m happy to know that others do too 🙂

    Why this one? I wanted something a more sophisticated looking so I was considering buying a theme but found this one while searching for free themes. It’s extremely customizable and user friendly. The issue for me is that I don’t understand some of the code yet but I’m working on it. (I’m so impressed with their help that I sent them a donation).

    My plan is to have different images from time to time.

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