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white-lined sphinx moth

We are so lucky to see lots of White-lined Sphinx Moths (Hyles lineata) in our yard every year.
(They feed on my Lantanas).

White-lined Sphinx Moth

What I just found out this morning might explain why we see them. As it turns out, one of the host plants for their caterpillars is Mirabilis. The genus Mirabilis includes Desert Wishbone Bush which I have a lot of! I went out to see if I could find a caterpillar but nothing yet.

desert wishbone bush

Note: I’m interested in caterpillars these days because I’m trying to include the native host plants in my flora guide sequel. Butterflies and Moths typically don’t lay their eggs on nectar plants so even if you see Butterflies in your yard, they may have hatched somewhere else.

photographing wildflowers

The next photo walk is Sunday March 8th. We will discuss tips for capturing wildflowers.
Click here for details.

Desert Wishbone Bush
Desert Wishbone Bush

Common Fiddleneck
Common Fiddleneck

I shot the above photos in my yard this morning. Our neighborhood borders the Preserve so you should be finding these on the trails now! The close-ups show two tips. 1. Fill your frame. 2. Use a large aperture. Below is an excellent video regarding photographing flowers! Her presentation is useful for both compact and SLR camera users.