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a tripod equals sharper images

Still looking at old files, I find an entire folder from a trip in 2004 to the Grand Tetons that I hadn’t processed! When I saw images from Swabacker Landing, that morning became fresh in my mind. It was way below freezing and a layer of frost covered everything. Gorgeous. Here’s one of my favorites from that morning.

Swabacker Landing – Grand Teton National Park
swabacker landing grand teton national park

This image is so incredibly sharp that there’s no doubt I used a tripod. Check out this 100% crop of the reflection:

I should also mention that this image is made up of 5 vertical shots which accounts for the size at 100%.
Yes; I acknowledge the difference tripods can make! They’re just too much of a hassle so I will still rarely carry one 🙂

monsoon show

Wowie wow! What a night! When the thunder and lightning started, I ran upstairs and pressed
my camera against the window (too tired to find tripod). It was so dark, I had to guess at the focus.
30 seconds later, I have this! Another storm is forecast so the tripod/camera are upstairs read to go.

shaky, yes, but who cares! I captured some lightening :-)
shaky, yes, but who cares! I captured some lightening 🙂

For inquiring minds: Canon 5DMK2, Canon 24-70mm, ISO 800, f9.5, 30 seconds

Since more rain is forecast, I thought there would be a red sky this morning but it was orange.

A little wider shot from same window.
A little wider shot from same window.

ocotillo sunrise

We were treated with an even more spectacular sunrise the morning after the other one this week. The colors you see are exactly as they were! This time I walked up close to an Ocotillo and filled the frame with the stalks. I loved the image but thought it might be a good candidate for mirroring so here’s the result. If you’re interested in knowing how to do this in Photoshop or in Photoshop Elements, click on the photo for my tutorial.