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busy weekend for digital group

My “Digital Imaging Group” had our annual seminar this past Saturday which was a huge success. Click here for a photo and and description from DIG member Rusty Childress. Thanks, Rusty.

Then on Sunday, about 12 photographers joined our speaker, Jennifer Wu, for a day of photography and digital talk. Despite the rain, it was an excellent day!

Photographing reflections in parking lot

reflecting on reflections

I’m slowly finding time to process images from past trips so here’s one from last month.
It’s a shot of reflections in Oak Creek. Reflections are my latest passion and I can’t get enough!


Water reflections are deceiving. It’s not until you process them that the true color comes out.
So if you think you see a glimmer of color on the water, shoot, shoot shoot! There’s bound to
be a lot more color than you can see. Red/orange rocks, green trees and blue sky show here.