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agua fria national monument video

As promised, here’s a video from Sunday’s day trip across Perry Mesa.

Agua Fria National Monument Day Trip Correction: Mining dates should read 1882 not 32


Video Tech Info: Not aware of the consequences, I made the mistake of capturing video of our day trip in High Definition (Canon SX1). Even with endless editing/cutting yesterday, the smallest acceptable movie was still over 9 gigabytes. (YouTube only allows 2GB). Trail/error and googling and asking for help (thanks Michael), I finally got it down to a manageable size. Any jerkiness or abrupt transitions are my fault….the result of my drastic editing trying to reduce the file. I’m going to master this yet!

agua fria national monument petroglyphs

Hike leader extraordinaire, Larry Levy, treated us to a day in the Agua Fria National Monument yesterday. Imagine walking a few miles across a field of canon balls and you get the idea of how tough it was to hike across Perry Mesa! (Not for hikers with weak ankles). Well worth it, though, if you have a love of Native American history and early mining history (Larry is a mining expert).

We visited several dwellings and also an old mining camp. Today I’m sharing two images of petroglyphs found high on a hill above the mining camp. (tough lighting conditions) Tomorrow, I hope to post a little video/slideshow of the day (maybe!).

Petroglyph and Agua Fria River
petroglyph an agua fria

Petroglyphs above Mining Camp