5 thoughts on “elephant rock”

  1. Wow – what a good eye to see that elephant! I had to look at the photo for a few minutes before I saw it.

  2. Hey! The elephant is oh-so-cool, but the guy next to him looking up with a broken nose is yet-another-face…. or didn’t you see him?

    You’ve got me looking you know…

  3. Carol…I’m glad you found him 🙂

    Jim….You win the prize! I deliberately didn’t mention the other face and wondered if anyone else would see him 🙂

    (to collect prize: Come to my house in the next hour 😉

  4. Thanks JIm. I now can see the broken nose guy and I also spotted a guy with bulging eyes looking toward the elephant. That’s it for me. Can’t see anymore. Oh well. You are GOOD, Marianne. Do you remember a number of years ago, those paintings in malls around the country where if you stared long enough (or correctly) you could see another picture? I bet you were good at that.

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