sedona west fork trail

We drove to Flagstaff on Thursday with hopes of color but found very little. We did find
beautiful yellow and red trees at our hotel though, so we made plans to shoot them in the morning.
With temps at 28 degrees, we opted to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and share our photos instead 🙂
We did take a couple of minutes to get a few shots of the trees.

Little America Maple Tree (we highly recommend this hotel!)

We then headed to Sedona with no idea that the West Fork Trail would be ripe with color!
Had we known, we would have left much earlier because as you know if you’ve ever hiked
the trail, the light is best between 9 and 11am. We didn’t arrive until noon and had to wait
a short time because the parking lot was full. We took time to eat a picnic lunch and then
headed out about 12:30 and enjoyed shooting even though the maples were in shade.

Apple Trees hadn’t turned yet but there was plenty of this red ground cover and soft grasses.

Ferns were especially thick. Mostly yellow.

Shade is a perfect opportunity for shaking your camera !

Oak Creek shot with very slow shutterspeed.

Red Maple and Ferns shot with Orton Effect in mind.