1 scene 3 ideas

Ansel Adams said that the key to good photography is visualization. It really does make a difference
if you have a definite goal in mind for a photograph. At the Flagstaff Arboretum, there’s a bench tucked
in a little Aspen grove. It’s a scene I can’t resist. The last time I shot it, it was surrounded by Columbine.
This time, the light was a real challenge so I shot it with three ideas in mind.

The first is an HDR which means I took 3 shots to capture the best in the highlights and shadows.
I then used Topaz Simpify 2 to knock down the edges and add a little more color.


The second shot is in Infrared which always works well in bright light.


The third image is an abstract. It’s the result of intentional camera movement and my favorite way to shoot.


I plan to go back the last weekend in September when I hope to find the Aspen in full fall color.

3 thoughts on “1 scene 3 ideas”

  1. At first I tried to pick a favorite but then realized that they are all so different that it wouldn’t be “fair”. (besides, who cares what I like. LOL ) They each have different qualities that I like. I do not understand what HDR and 3 shots is about.. Do you take 3 shots and put them on top of each other? HDR – don’t understand at all except that I have recently read about it a lot and have seen videos, etc. Still don’t get it. However, I think my overall fav is the HDR one.

  2. I forgot to say I am in awe of the “1 scene, 3 ideas” . You are amazing to even think of shooting these 3 ideas. You never cease to amaze me. You have imagination and I don’t think that can be learned as can PS skills. You are just gifted – plain and simple.

  3. Aw Shucks 🙂 You are waaay too kind but I sure appreciate it!

    Re HDR….what it requires is that you shoot multiple images with each image capturing different lighting. For instance, I use the Auto Bracket feature on my camera so it will shoot I over exposed, 1 under exposed and one at the correct exposure. You then use software like Photomatix to combine them. Photoshop also has a Merge to HDR feature.

    Photomatix software:


    It can be tricky and most people WAAAY overdo the effect. I like to make them look photo-realistic such as my bench scene.

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