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queen of the crested

I enjoyed an adventurous hike in the Tonto National Forest this morning. We started near the Seven Springs campground and hiked about 6 miles (round trip) to see an impressive giant Crested Saguaro. (see the hikers below?) Definitely the largest crested I’ve seen so far!

giant crested saguaro

The ultimate goal of the city of Scottsdale is to preserve a corridor for animals from the McDowell Mountains all the way to the Tonto National Forest totalling 36,000 acres. So far, we have a little over 16,000. A worthwhile goal!

coon creek ruins

We went on a totally excellent adventure, this past Sunday, to see evidence of pigment mining at Coon Creek Ruins.
The ruins are located in the Sierra Anchas Wilderness of Tonto National Forest. Spectacular scenery.

Coon Creek Ruins, Sierra Anchas Wilderness
Coon Creek Ruins, Sierra Anchas Wilderness

link to my video from that day is below. Too bad that YouTube’s max video length is 10 min.
I had to leave out many great scenes including an encounter with a tree limb that gave me a black eye 🙂

(By the way….sorry about the dirty windshield and lens!)