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frog and butterfly

I joined the CAZBA last year with hopes of finding and photographing native butterflies and the first thing I learned is how difficult it is! Spotting them is the first hurtle. The largest, like Swallowtails for instance, are pretty easy but there are tiny (emphasis on TINY!) butterflies that are still a challenge for me. The experts follow the slightest movement and yesterday, the reward was a tiny (3/4ths inch) Orange Skipperling.

Yesterday’s outing was to Rackensack Canyon. The butterflies were few but seeing Canyon Tree Frogs made up for it! Click the photo for a short slideshow of my favorite images from yesterday. Identifications are under the photos.

Click Photo for Slideshow

rackensack canyon

If you’re at all interested in photographing flowers, go to Rackensack Canyon in the next few days! The Canyon is thick with Globe Mallow for one thing….so much so that the hills looks orange. Nice! Next are the Prickly Poppies. I’m used to seeing only one or two, here and there but they are numerous in the canyon and full of bees. A real treat for those of us who love to capture them in flight. I saw at least 40 species of flora making it well worth a photographers time 🙂

Globe Mallow as far as the eye can see
Globe Mallow as far as the eye can see