4 o’clock at 6am

I’ve been patiently (ok..maybe not patiently) waiting for the Scarlett Four O’clocks to bloom and was rewarded this morning…big time! The only photo I had was of a single bloom I got last year so seeing so many plants in bloom this morning in the North Access of the Preserve was very exciting.

scarlett four o'clock
scarlett four o'clock
scarlett four o'clock

Three other plants in the Four O’clock family were also blooming this morning. Desert Four O’clock (aka Colorado Four O’Clock), Trailing Windmills and Desert Wishbone Bush.

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  1. There are two ways to get to the North Access. One is from Dynamite/128th street and then go South on 12th til you see a directional sign.

    The other way is to go North on Pima to Happy Valley. East on HV to Ranch Gate (approx 4mi). Turn right on Ranch Gate and continue to 128th (there’s now a street sign). Turn right on 128th and continue to a T. Turn left and continue til you see entry sign to North Access.

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