2 thoughts on “patterns in nature”

  1. That’s cool. Good catch.

    What is your workflow on Topaz? Mostly use Adjust or Simplify? Do you use the new Detail? Like the presets, made your own?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Rusty! I started by buying Adjust and Simplify when they were first introduced and now I have the Photoshop bundle. I use them more than nik. Yes…I use the newest version of Detail. So much faster and really awesome controls! As for Simplify….I find that I end up using the Simplify setting in Adjust more. It’s a little more subtle.

    Workflow…..I start with the canned presets and many times don’t go any further because they’re so good. The sliders are so easy to use to back off adjustments if needed, though. I especially like them in Simplify because I don’t like the “telltale” buzzed look.

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