dealing with excess water

Before implementing my new landscaping skills, rain water would collect on one side of the house because the grading wasn’t done correctly. My solution was to create a large mound close to the house which would direct water away and then dig a long trench about two feet deep and fill it with medium sized rocks and then smaller rocks on top. The small rocks fell in all the spaces resulting in a nice path for walking. It’s working really well so far so I’m patting myself on my back. Thank you Landscaping School 🙂


Storm update: Tornado warnings last night! Talk about rare! We made it through the night with only one tree half way down but two possible tornadoes touched down in the Valley….about 10 miles from our house. It picked up one of the tents at a popular car auction held every year at this time. Lots of car owners crying over losing million and multimillion dollar collector cars 🙁

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  1. Don’t forget to look up too because you will see some of the best clouds that we have had all year. . .great IR stuff, let er’ rip!

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