Most tutorials were written for beginners using Photoshop CS. Some will work with Elements
I no longer have time to update these tutorials but if you have a question, I'll do my best to answer.
Mirrored EZ Borders EZ-Edges EZ-Vignette Add Texture
Image to Abstract EZ Mat and Frame Hand Coloring Image to Sketch EZ Drawing
EZ-Greeting Card EZ Composite Composite
using Masks
Composite Examples Removing People
Image Drop
Fun With Fireworks EZ-Light Beam Transferring Clouds Image Drop Shadow


  Quick Mask Selections Context Menus Favorite Shortcuts  
Workflow Stuff
DE-FOGGER EZ-Watermark Dodge and Burn Shape Tool Basics Custom Signature
Crop Tool Tips Preview Feathering EZ Feathering Open Shadows
using Color Range

Favorite Photoshop and PS Elements tutorial websites
(some favorites not included because of ads and pop ups)




NAPP - Join if you're serious about photoshop Photoshop Elements User - Very worthwhile joining.
Russell Brown - hands down THE guru of photoshop The Graphic Reporter - New and very good
Planet Photoshop  - check Video tutorials too Adobe Digital Kids Club - talk about easy!
The Graphic Reporter - New and very good
Photoshop Walk Through - watch step by step editing  
The Lights Right Digital Darkroom - lots of extras  
Photoshop Tutorial Blog - free video tutorials  
Retouch Pro - excellent resource for retouching tips  

Digital Photography School
To help with capturing your photos in the first place!


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